Saturday , December 15th 2018
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Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II Product Review

When it comes to audio technology, most people would think that the humble speaker hasn’t had a breakthrough in a long time but the devil is in the details really and home speakers are becoming a rare breed, giving way to new portable systems. As they become more common, they also become cheaper and more advanced at the same time. Nowadays you can find a self sustained speaker unit with several drivers, completely wireless and battery operated which cost next to nothing. Lucky for us, the big guys are getting in on the portable speaker game too. This includes Bose.

Their name is the epitome of quality when it comes to audio and when they make a speaker, you know that the speaker is going to be as good as possible. Moreover, when Bose gets into the portable speaker business, you can be fairly certain that they are going to be a major thing. And there’s no reason for them not to be. Even cheap speaker manage to get fairly booming bass and sharp high tones from a pocket sized package. A major brand name manufacturer can only make that even better.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II Coral Red

What Bose decided to do with their SoundLink is to appeal to the younger audience, making the speaker resistant to abuse, fairly small, available in different colors and with bold sounds. You don’t hear this often but this speaker is water resistant therefore it just begs to be taken with you at the pool or to the beach. Reasonable splashes won’t hurt it and neither will rain. In fact, anything short of drowning it in salt water and the speaker will be just fine. If you’re unconvinced that this speaker belongs outdoors, Bose continues the ruggedness with a soft velvety silicone exterior that won’t slip in your hands even (or more like especially) when wet. This makes the SoundLink as tough as a desert jackal. Not nearly as dumb though, no offense intended to the desert jackals. In fact the SoundLink is so smart that it can survive being completely wireless.

The SoundLink works via exclusively through Bluetooth and this frees your hands to do whatever you want. You can play music from any Bluetooth enabled device regardless if it’s your laptop, tablet, phone, smartwatch or really anything else. Even pairing it has been served to you on a silver platter as the speaker will guide you via voice prompts on how to pair it with your favorite device. It’s like having a butler that can sing. This isn’t good enough for you technocrats out there? Well whip out your NFC enabled devices and see how the Bose SoundLink will respond. The Quicklink will surely put a huge smile on your faces.

We’re far from being done here though. You see, people like to pair their phone with a Bluetooth speaker, leave the phone connected to a charger and take their

speaker with them around the house or workshop. That’s what we do too and it works great but if you need to access your phone, you’d have to walk to it. Yeah we know, it’s a huge first world ordeal but the SoundLink solved even that by rocking a microphone which works with your phone enabling you to talk to Siri or Google via voice commands through the speaker.Now you can leave your phone where ever you want and still be able to issue commands, make or answer calls and everything else that the phone is capable of doing.

Gem on top, this is a speaker that is intended to be used for a whole day, coming with a whopping 8 hour battery. Even high end wireless headphones don’t last that long nowadays. How they managed to cram that much battery power into such a small package and still have space for decent speaker is beyond us. Oh and if this is not enough for you, the speaker is USB rechargeable. From any source, including an inexpensive battery bank. Go ahead, trump that.