Saturday , December 15th 2018
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Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitor (Pair) Product Review

You know, it’s not uncommon that when you mention the name Klipsch, people’s first reaction is “Klip-what?” despite it being a top end brand. Only the true audiophiles recognize this legendary name. Klipsch doesn’t mess about with market trends and is not interested in mediocre products. It’s either the best or nothing for them, so when we say that R15PM is the pinnacle of home audio, you know we mean every word of it.

Klipsch R-15PM Bookshelf Speakers

When an ordinary person hears the name “monitor” they usually assume that you’re talking about a computer screen, not a set of super accurate speakers. And when they see a set of monitors, they assume that it’s just a pair of cheap anemic speakers. It just proves the point of how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The R15PM monitor set is truly a wolf in sheep’s skin. From the outside they look inconspicuous, just a wooden box with sharp angles and two speakers in the front. It’s not before you turn them around and take a look at the rear interface that you realize how serious this piece of technology is. You’ll find that this monitor set will play nicely with nearly any audio source you have at home or in the studio. What you don’t see in the back or anywhere else on the monitors is a game changing function – these monitors are wireless! They will connect with any Bluetooth enabled device including your phone, tablet or smart watch with no external receivers or extra equipment pieces. It’s all integrated.

Make no mistake, these puppies aren’t toys. Even though they are made to be as stealthy as possible and will happily sit on a bookshelf, these are powered monitors and will easily fill your room with amazing sound that will surely leave you breathless.  This is possible thanks to the integrated amplifier that work with the drivers in just the right synergy to deliver just the right tones at the right time with nothing added and nothing taken away. Did we mention that the monitors also have a phono pre-amp? Yes, we are now venturing into the professional equipment category. Speaking of professional equipment, each monitor has a 1” aluminum diaphragm compression driver that is matched to full 90 degree square Tractrix horn. To complete this masterpiece took a 5.25” copper spun IMG woofer that is also magnetically shielded.

Everything that Klipsch has done to the R15PM is with a single goal – to make a set of monitors which will feel at home both in your studio and in your living room and deliver performance won’t ever leave you longing for anything more regardless if you’re just a regular joe or a professional audio editor. It is future proof and expandable, capable of seamlessly integrating a subwoofer, it is convenient with a remote controller and still manages to be as beautiful as a cherry tree blossoming in spring. It’s not every day that you come across a product which excels in all areas but leave it to Klipsch to take other audio manufacturers to school and show them how it’s done.