Saturday , December 15th 2018
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ION Audio Block Rocker (iPA76A) Product Review

Parties at home are a great and convenient thing but we all know that the best parties happen in the nature where you don’t have to worry about breaking or soiling something, disturbing the neighbors or similar boring details. In nature all those obstacles are gone and you can really give it all you have. However, in nature you don’t often have the luxury of electricity. Now unless you’re a wizard (if you are please give us a call) procuring music without electricity is going to be a challenge at best. Disco lights are an additional ordeal to deal with. Sure, you could buy a dozen of portable  Bluetooth speakers but good luck synchronizing them to a single song. Before giving up on the idea though, let us tell you a thing or two about partying outside.

ION Audio Block Rocker

ION audio put their heart and soul into bringing the full on party literally where you want and when we say anywhere, we mean it. Stick to the end of this review to find out why we’re so confident in this statement.

First of all this isn’t a toy so get that thing out of your mind immediately. To call this a portable Bluetooth speaker is like a Yamato class battleship a dinghy. It’s just silly and even though it’s technically true, it is the mother of all understatements. Anything that has a travel case style telescope handle and wheels to be moved around isn’t something you mess around with.

The Block Rocker is powered by a pair of ceramic plutonium dioxide nuclear reactors and an auxiliary heavy neutron collider, or at least that’s what we believe because we never saw the insides of this hulk. ION Audio says that it’s nothing like that and instead it has lithium based rechargeable batteries, but we’re having a hard time believing that. ION Audio, if you’re reading this send us a photo of the insides. We want to know how you managed to cram 50 hours of constant play time. That’s over 2 freaking days of full on blasting and we want to see the group of people who are going to outlast this speaker system in partying, unless you’re making a party for a bunch of robots.

The wireless part of the Block Rocker is not lacking in functions, not one little bit. It fully supports Bluetooth but instead of being stuck with basic Bluetooth protocol limitations, it has an iOS and Android application which offer so much more control. That power supply we talked about a short while – it’s obviously going to outlive all of you including your phones and tablets, so the Block Rocker will happily recharge everything that can be USB powered via a dedicated charging port. Yes, it is so overpowered that it will even keep your other devices alive in order for the party to continue.

Functionality doesn’t just end with your phone’s capabilities and if you have other devices that are not Bluetooth enabled, you can use the 1/8” aux input to connect any device capable of emitting any sound whatsoever and the cable is included. If you’re one of those old fashioned guys, the Block Rocker comes with an AM/FM radio receiver. To operate this literal miracle of technology, you get a clear LCD display.

Now to spice up the party, get this – the block rocker is fully Karaoke capable and has a mic input, they even give you the microphone included at no extra charge. In fact the only extra you can buy is the humbly called LED package which replaces the entire front grill with colorful LED lights which takes care of the lighting portion of the party and makes the Block Rocker a self sustained package.

We said a word or two about bringing the party anywhere. Well the Block Rocker ain’t a gentle princess by no means. It is rugged all around and is made to take a beating so don’t be afraid to take it through the rocky climb. Just make sure that you’re physically able to haul it around. When you get to wherever you’re going though, all that effort is going to pay off, that’s for sure.