Saturday , December 15th 2018
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Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1Ch 400W 45″ Sound Bar with 8” Wireless Subwoofer & Rear Satellite Speaker Product Review

Now let’s get one things straight, we love the cinema, we grew up with it and the memories we made there will be cherished until the end of our days. However even as life became easier thanks to technological advancements the issues plaguing every cinema experience have managed to somehow survive and in today’s age that is unacceptable. First you don’t get to watch the movie when you want but instead when the cinema lets you. When you get there, you have to wait in a long line for that one guy that cannot decide between large and medium sized popcorn. You finally get into the cinema and try to wiggle yourself inside the small uncomfortable seat next to another guy that forgot to take a shower. The movie starts and the guy who got medium sized popcorn decided that he needs more so he stands up and shoves his bad decision into your life by obstructing your view and peace. And then there’s the kid behind you that won’t stop talking.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1Ch

All this despite the fact that right at home you own your favorite couch, a huge TV that at the proper distance would rival a cinema screen, a microwave which is perfectly capable of making more popcorn that you can eat, some window, blinds, doors and light switches which prevent the outside world of bothering you. The only thing you lack is the booming sound that only a cinema offers. Well, that’s because you haven’t tried the Nakamichi Shockwafe. Granted, Nakamichi did take some questionable steps in the past but they are returning to their original heritage and redeeming their reputation of being a strictly high end audio equipment manufacturer. And we can all agree that they nailed it with the Shockwafe. It is a home cinema audio system like no other. Every speaker driver is individually chambered and sealed to eliminate frequency conflicts. That’s 5 chambers and 5 completely separate DSP chipsets for a single unit or when united they make a team of whopping 11 tuned speaker drivers including a 8” woofer that is also wireless so that you can put it wherever you want, including under your couch if that pleases you. The woofer is able to rumble as low as 35hz and it is just what you want to get that genuine cinema experience.

When all those speaker drivers join forces the power output is around 400 watts of pure, clean window shattering sound. That’s half a horsepower in sound. Have you even seen how big a horse is and how much it can pull or carry? That’s about 104db of sound. Need a comparison? A common sound level of 100db can be found in an metallurgy industrial environment with the entire machinery at full capacity. This thing manages to pump out an additional 4db more than a steel factory.

Luxury is not at shortage here either, the Shockwafe has plenty of connectivity options enabling you to hook it up with pretty much anything that operates on ones and zeros. Additionally it can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth and has one USB port for firmware updates, hinting that this sound system is indeed smart.

The Shockwafe is that final missing link you need in order to take the cinema right in your living room or man cave and finally experience movies in the ways they were meant to be lived.